Friends of the Local History Museum Dissen e.V.

The support association began its work on 9 September 1992 with 10 members and currently has about 55 members.

1992: Chairperson: Erika Jahn, Dissen; honorary chairperson since 2007
Current Chairperson: Christina Kliem, Dissen
Deputy chair: Bernd Pittkunings, Cottbus
Treasurer: Karin Tschuck, Dissen

It was founded to support and maintain the Dissen Museum of Local History. The museum was established in 1983 through a private initiative and is now run by the municipality of Dissen and the Burg office.

The association promotes art and culture in general and realises its statutory purpose, in particular, through the promotion of Sorbian/Wendish culture, through the care and presentation of the museum collection. It supports the implementation of its own projects, scientific lectures and research projects on Sorbian/everyday culture, cultural events and guided tours through all exhibition areas.

In the past, the association supported the expansion of the museum building and the extension of the museum area with the settlement section "Stary lud". The aim is, among other things, to disseminate knowledge about the Sorbian/Wendish minority living here.

The work of the association is intricately linked to the general museum activities. In collaboration with the museum management, the staff and in cooperation with other partners and donors, many projects have been launched so far.
In addition to fully legal persons, schoolchildren and young people can also become members, who are entitled to vote when they reach the age of 16.

With this in mind, we look forward to welcoming more interested people who would like to join the association. Drop by the museum and see for yourself. We are happy to talk to you and look forward to meeting you.

Im Namen des Vorstands
Christina Kliem

Kontakt über:
Domowniski muzej Dešno / Heimatmuseum Dissen
Hauptstr. 32
03096 Dissen-Striesow / Dešno-Strjažow

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